How to apply for a Portuguese Passport?

Applying for Portuguese Passport is not a simple task as you apply for Indian Passport, to apply for Portuguese Passport you will have to go across various formalities and documentations. For Indian Passport you take an appointment online and be present on the appointment day at the Passport Seva Kendra with documents and fees and after that you get your passport within few weeks. To apply for Portuguese Passport it’s a different lengthy process sometimes it might take maximum 3 to 4 years in rare cases. 
How to apply for a Portuguese Passport
First your both parents will have to get registered for Birth, Marriage followed by your birth, this each process to get register can take up to minimum 6 months up to maximum 18 months.

If your parents Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate and your birth certificate is in English they will have to translated into Portuguese language duly attested by Portuguese Consulate, this process can take up to 6 months.

And once you are done with these two process next you will have to appoint an advocate or agent who deals with Portuguese Passport service, you will have to provide him with power of attorney to deal your case on behalf of you at Portugal, and after doing this once you receive your National ID Card or Billet you can apply for Portuguese Passport in Portuguese Passport Consulate which can take up to 2 months to 3 months to get your Portuguese Passport. After your receive your Portuguese Passport you will have to surrender your Indian Passport, Voters ID, etc. after surrendering your Indian Citizenship documents you will receive a receipt of it.

Than you will have to register yourself at FRO (Foreigner Registration Office) as you are a Foreigner as well as you should obtain a NOC (No objection certificate) from FRO before leaving the country.

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