Portuguese Passport Benefits

There are several benefits of having a Portuguese Passport, that’s the reason Goan’s are giving up their Indian Passport to obtain Portuguese Passport. So now let’s know what the various benefits of having a Portuguese Passport.

As Portugal ruled GOA they recognize Goan’s who were born before the year 1961 as well as their children’s and grandchildren’s as a Portuguese Citizen. Since our Country India doesn’t allow dual citizenship, those who applies for Portuguese Passport have to surrender their Indian Citizenship. Surrendering Indian Citizenship means the individual will lose right to vote in India and his name will be cancelled from the list, as well as the individual can't buy agricultural property in India.

Benefits of having Portuguese Passport 
  • Most Goan's apply for Portuguese Passport to fulfill their economic need that is to get a job in European Union which makes their future bright.
  • Holding a Portuguese Passport also allows visa-free access to 192 countries around the world.

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